A New Loom

A New Loom

Once upon a time I was a young woman, a committed artist, a dreamer. I still had much to learn, though I had earned a handful of wisdoms early. I reached out into the world with my art, because I had to, not knowing how it would be received, slowly strengthening my fragile belief in the thing that I did, (not always) withstanding daily skirmishes with my harsh internal judge. Edging forward I shared my thoughts, my fears, my practices and my life’s adventures. I learned that I loved to write, and that your feedback made a world of difference to me. I was a contrary combination of hermit and solitary artist whilst also finding great joy in community and connection. Perhaps you knew me then.


Now I am not so young, nor yet old. I am a mother. I have passed through those initiatory gates and found much is different on the other side. I am still an artist and dreamer, yet I must fight harder to be the artist I am. My homes have been wheeled and rooted, wheeled and rooted, and I have travelled new roads and back around familiar circles. Above all, with my creative time now distilled into intense and rare apertures, I feel a new urgency and animal power to my practice. So far this has activated in me new kinds of working and new kinds of work. I can’t see very far ahead, but I walk on determinedly, pulling behind me all the threads I’ve spun so far, and here in this place I will warp them onto a new loom and invite you to join me as I weft new colours through them.

10 thoughts on “A New Loom

  1. So happy to hear your voice in this realm again. I hope you can find it a good place from time to time.


  2. What a lovely new site. So happy that you’re enjoying motherhood, the time is precious. I understand too, how it changes one’s perception of the world and oneself, having been there. Though I’m still there, because even as young adults, you don’t stop giving them love and support. Looking forward to visiting again and enjoying your musings and art.


  3. What a wondrously magical and rich space this is, Rima. I wish for you the old mother-wisdom of how moments of time may be short but can go deep. I wish for you all the joy you have given others with your art and words over the years.


  4. My goodness, i think it might make 10 years since i first stumbled upon the hermitage and was enchanted by your imagination and beautiful painting! I can completely relate to that feeling of just peeking out of the nest… all three of my little ones are finally grown to that point as well. I am so looking forward to reading again!


  5. Rima, so lovely to hear your voice again, the Hermitage has been one of my favourite places to visit regularly and your paintings bring great pleasure. Motherhood is a strange journey; once begun, that path is always there in your sould, even when your child has grown and started their own life. It is demanding, takes skill patience and love, just as your artwork does and the demands on you change as life moves on. I’m glad to see that you are manging to juggle both, your boy will be the richer for your enrichment of the world. Blessings to your little family, I hope life treats all three of you with kindess and generosity as you travel along its winding ways.


  6. motherhood does change everything! i’ve admired the glimpses you have given of your journey thus far, and the visions in your art. i look forward to its continuance.

    i shouldn’t worry about not being able to see very far ahead; even when we think we can, often we find that we were mistaken, or things change. your vision will be true regardless of how much you can see of the road ahead.


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